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Spartans Recruitment / Defender's application // Accepted
« on: October 06, 2015, 09:23:17 PM »
- What is your main toon's name, profession and level? If you have alts, please state them also in detail.
Defender 220/21/50 Soldier - main
Blinchik 220/21/57 Shade
Nabb 220/19/56 Fixer
Doctorrr 220/21/49 Doctor

- As a raiding Guild we expect you to join with ALL active toons. We understand that some people have their own farm cities and in these circumstances we do make exceptions. Please state if you have any toons you feel you can not join with along with why.
Thats all my active toons at this moment. But Doctorrr could be in my own farming city org.

- How long is it since you first started playing AO?
 I started playing from 2007on fr00b acc, while my shadowlands experience from 2010.

- Which guilds have you been in previously in AO?
 Midgar, Warriors

- What made (/is making) you leave your old org?
 This orgs are dead.

- How would you describe yourself as an AO citizen and a player? (eg. mostly afk or active? more pvm or pvp orientated? like or dislike zerg raids? How about org raids? Do you prefer solo/team playing? Like to lead or to follow? ...
Usually active player, more like pvm. Ready to help on org raids and preferring team playing. I can lead small team but not raids.

- How do you see yourself fitting into our guild?
By helping to my comrades

- What are your plans and goals for your future in Spartans, and AO as a whole?
Raid, help and nice talkings

- Which country are you playing in and what time zone is that?
 Russian federation, UTC+3

- What's your native language?

- Have you read and reviewed our Recruitment Guidelines? (located at Do you have any issues or questions about any of  these guidelines?
I had read your Guidelines, and no questions here.

- Anything else you wanna add?
I would like to join your family and become a part of organization.

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