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Spartans Recruitment / Re: Homebuild's Application
« on: December 02, 2015, 02:25:57 AM »

Spartans Recruitment / Re: Homebuild's Application
« on: November 30, 2015, 04:12:49 AM »
Velkommen til forum, fin application😃👍🏻

Tusen takk! :-)

Spartans Recruitment / Re: Homebuild's Application
« on: November 30, 2015, 04:12:32 AM »
Welcome to the forums and good luck with your app to Spartans!

Thanks and thanks! :-)

Spartans Recruitment / Re: Homebuild's Application
« on: November 29, 2015, 10:56:56 PM »
Welcome to forums and org chat ;)
Thank you :-)

Hello and WELCOME  ;D
Thank you :-)

Spartans Recruitment / Re: Homebuild's Application
« on: November 29, 2015, 08:35:12 PM »
T ;D H ;D A ;D N ;D K ;D S
:D8)???:o:-X M   :o;D N

Spartans Recruitment / Re: Homebuild's Application
« on: November 29, 2015, 08:29:07 PM »

Spartans Recruitment / Re: Homebuild's Application
« on: November 29, 2015, 08:24:10 PM »
Heia Norge! Husk sykkelhjelm.

Hahah, might be the wrong season, but thanks!

Spartans Recruitment / Homebuild's Application//ACCEPTED//
« on: November 29, 2015, 07:40:58 PM »
- What is your main toon's name, profession and level? If you have alts, please state them also in detail.

My main/first toon is Homebuild (220/24 Engineer).

My alts are:
- Auralegend - 220/30 Keeper.
- Homesky - 220/30 Enforcer.
- Content - 220/25 Doctor.
- Xenio - 217/27 Bureaucrat.
- Evilstar - 178/22 Martial-Artist.
- Berries - 175/25 Nano-Technician.
- Superbeer (Previous Superbee before merge.) 170/24 Trader.
- Xantina - 150/20 Agent.
- Koni - 150/20 Soldier.
- Pioneer - 106/11 Adventurer.
- Skyrider - 100/10 Fixer
- Meter - 90/8 Doctor.
- Senced - 75/8 Martial-Artist.
- Castie - 75/8 Keeper.
- Molest - 60/6 Meta-Physicist.
- Lapara - 60/6 Enforcer.
- Caliper - 31/3 Enforcer.
- Diplom - 29/0 Shade.
- Homepower - 9/0 Enforcer.

Many of these toons/alts are purpose built twinks for different applications.

- As a raiding Guild we expect you to join with ALL active toons. We understand that some people have their own farm cities and in these circumstances we do make exceptions. Please state if you have any toons you feel you can not join with along with why.

I have no problem at all with placing all my toons in the same guild.

- How long is it since you first started playing AO?

I started off in 2004 and played actively untill around 2007-ish. Then I had a break (Young and dumb?) until the end of 2008 (if I remember correctly.) and been playing since then.

- Which guilds have you been in previously in AO?

I can't recall the first guilds I was in when I started on RK1, but after my break I went to RK2 and joined UHS (Unlimited High Society) and went to the current guild VOX (Vox Populi) i'm in now.

- What made (/is making) you leave your old org?

My current guild is not far from getting totalt silent, sadly. Most of the members have wandered off to RK4 and other games.

- How would you describe yourself as an AO citizen and a player? (eg. mostly afk or active? more pvm or pvp orientated? like or dislike zerg raids? How about org raids? Do you prefer solo/team playing? Like to lead or to follow? ...

I'm basicly in for the lot. I enjoy pretty much everything AO can throw at me. I'm a huge fan of twinking and I'm a even better fan of helping others. You can find me using hours after hours just running around for different items, logging toons for buffs/Help and searching my bank toons for items I no longer have a need for and putting them to use on others. I rarely go AFK for hours when I'm logged on, other than the usual things, example door bell, phone etc. I'm 50/50 on PvM and PvP, I got toons for both and enjoy both. I'm mostly a team player, but I do solo some instances and such when the need is there. I've no problems with being led or be someones "leader".  I would describe myself as modest or humble, but that's up to you to decide :-)

- How do you see yourself fitting into our guild?

I see myself helping the members of the guild and doing my part to make the wheels go around, matter of speak. I'd like to guide new members of the AO community in the ways of AO. AO ain't the easiest game to play in the beginning and it's easy to get discouraged without some help/tips.

- What are your plans and goals for your future in Spartans, and AO as a whole?

My plan is to help out where I can and connect with new people. My goal is to be in a active guild and have fun playing!

- Which country are you playing in and what time zone is that?

Norway (UTC+01:00 Oslo)

- What's your native language?


- Have you read and reviewed our Recruitment Guidelines? (located at Do you have any issues or questions about any of  these guidelines?

Yes, I have no issues or questions.

- Anything else you wanna add?

I think we pretty much summed it up, hope to hear from you soon! :-)

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