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Public Chat / Testlive Patch Notes:
« on: February 11, 2015, 06:45:12 PM »

well worth to read them... looks like big changes inc soon™

edit: the #hype is legit  8)

Forum Suggestions and Feedback (Public) / 'News' on Frontpage no more?
« on: October 08, 2014, 12:09:39 AM »
Hey folks,

while looking at our Frontpage I realized, the news feed is kinda outdated - or am I missing something?

It contains only posts from 2013...

Spartans Recruitment / Iorekzix Application // Accepted
« on: July 08, 2014, 03:52:09 AM »
Hello fellow Spartans!

after coming around your recruitment post on the official forums my way led directly here :) i hope that it will turn out good!

- What is your main toon's name, profession and level? If you have alts, please state them also in detail.

My main toon's name is Iorekzix, a 220/30/70 Atrox Fixer. Others would be Daedalos, 217/22/x Advy and Zixhealzj00 212/19/x Doc and a bunch of lowbie alts not worth mentioning.

- We expect that if accepted to our guild, you would join with all your active toons. If however you do not wish to do so, pls state clearly which ones you'd like not to join with, and why.

I would like to join with Iorekzix for now since both Daedalos and Zixhealzj00 are in empty Orgs that i maintain for farming purpose. If however i should decide to level a new toon or make any lowbie alt active i would ofc join Spartans with them. As for both, Cerberus and Rising Phoenix it is true, that i really have very long history and thus would like to keep them for farming and for the memories :)

- How long is it since you first started playing AO?

The oldest toon that i was able to find was born in Jan 2004 so that should be pretty much when i started playing AO!

- Which guilds have you been in previously in AO?

Cerberus back when i first played AO and Rising Phoenix since i came back to AO in 2011 after taking a brake since 06.
- What made (/is making) you leave your old org?

As you can tell by a look at my former Orgs i am no one to do anything like Org hopping. The reason i turn my back onto RP now is purely the Inactivity

- How would you describe yourself as an AO citizen and a player? (eg. mostly afk or active? more pvm or pvp orientated? like or dislike zerg raids? How about org raids? Do you prefer solo/team playing? Like to lead or to follow? ...

I am mostly active and love to do both - pvm and pvp. in pvp i would say that i have loads of potential to learn while not beeing a complete noob ;) i have been a very active leader on iraid for a long time but lately been mostly inactive. i do like noraid and would really love to do org raids and dungeons with skilled people! also i am a fan of duo farming mitaar or running db3 with small teams for example. Furthermore AO has ever since been a game with a very nice community and i like to help people get into the game just like others helped me back then when i was new to the game!

How do you see yourself fitting into our guild?

Well i hope that my described playstyle suits into Sparta and that i can contribute to raid, do some dungeons or smack some ommers! im curious about what will come up :)

What are your plans and goals for your future in Spartans, and AO as a whole?

Well i am sure that i will be starting a new toon once i have finished my Fixer but for now my goals would be: finish equipment, improve in pvp and have some fun with friends in AO.

- Which country are you playing in and what time zone is that?

Germany - gmt +2

- What's your native language?

German. But id say i speak decent english and a rather rusty french too :)

- Anything else you wanna add?

.... what is your profession? HUA HUA HUA ;)

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