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Public Chat / Pc help please!
« on: July 06, 2016, 08:57:45 PM »
Hey guys hope all is well, need some help if we have any techs, switched my pc on this morning it lights up as normal but my monitor has no signal so switched cable to other gfx card still nothing then I realised my keyboard and mouse have no power, my friend said it could possibly be a motherboard issue, is this true, is their any fix or just buy another

*Spam* / Funny vid (the order 1886)
« on: February 19, 2015, 10:12:07 PM »
apparently theirs a load of these vids but ive never seen any of them before but came across this one and it made me laugh

Other Games / TOR
« on: December 16, 2011, 03:06:07 AM »
Anyone going to be moving over to try Star wars i believe release date is 20th so few days time, ill be trying it out so if anyone is lemme know, :) (also did anyone try in beta, not really heard any decent feedback off anyone i know just the wow haters etc.. )

Public Chat / New job
« on: September 05, 2011, 03:44:05 AM »
Hey guys, start my new job tomorrow gonna be on shift patterns from around 10pm-6am, - 6am - 2pm, - 2pm - 10pm and im moving house at the moment so probably gonna be away for a bit now, + never got around to sorting out the hacking issue, although i found the information they required, just unsure whether i wanna come back anymore ill pop back online in next week or so to give any shizz i borrowed or stuff ive got back and share some of lutzes wealth with some members, really just wanna chill out till Star wars old repub comes out and just rock that new game fresh start, i will be active again in around a week'ISH and then ill have my last month or even that...

Public Chat / Post Screenshots of Thebun
« on: August 11, 2011, 09:20:00 PM »
Few people asking for screenshots of thebun guys so if you have any laying around or have some screenshots CHECK through please, our site been posting on some other guild forums, so please post some if you have any, would be very much appreciated! :)

Public Chat / AO installler firewall?
« on: April 12, 2011, 04:25:44 AM »
guys trying to re-install AO got like 50% done now its like spazzzed out and is runnng stupidly slow guessing its a firewall issue but have allowed thru windows and i only use avg if that is a cause of a firewall, ive allowed certain ports through router but still seems to be SLOW!, any easy fixes if not its np its getting their just CRAZY sloooooowww  :o

Other Games / Star wars old republic
« on: January 02, 2011, 02:27:48 AM »
hey guys just wondering if anyone was looking into the new KoToR, i have been reading up on it lately looking like it could be pretty big havent heard much about it though tbh anyone gna give it a try, what was the old Knights of the old republic like anyone play it ?

Public Chat / hey guys
« on: September 08, 2010, 07:05:55 PM »
hey guys sorry been away for so long again just started a new job finally lol, but came back prepared to get myself going with ao again and ive hit a wall with my computer so anyone with some knowledge on pc troubles would be very helpfull, im hoping its just a windows reinstall but im not sure all i get is when i turn on my computer it loads up but goes straight to start windows normal, start in safe mode etc... if i start normal straight after windows loading screen i get Bsod, and then a reset i have checked the err code and theirs a few things it couild be, corrupt files etc, if i load in safe mode it shoots thru a list and just stops and doesnt do anything so im a lil stuck anyone have any ideas i havent yet reinstalled windows as my disk is ?somewhere?, any info would be much appreciated, also is their a good download site to get a windows xp off before i gooo insane crazy with no pc/ao :), hope all is well also  8)

Public Chat / HELP!
« on: December 19, 2008, 12:05:15 AM »
Hey guys having a problem and unsure how to solve when i try to login to AO its comming up Patch Requred so i *Login* patcher pops and straight away its showing "Navigation to webpage has been cancelled"
*what you can try and do*
- Refresh the page.
Its as if im offline but im not ofc and i have tried AO patch fix nothing seem to be working it seems as if its being blocked but im not 100% sure i have nothing installed that would block it switched on so any suggestions, ideas?

Spartans Recruitment / Lutze's Application // Accepted //
« on: December 02, 2008, 04:50:45 AM »
- What is your main toon's name, profession and level? If you have alts, please state them also in detail.

Main - Lutze (Lutze is my main char/focus)
Proffesion - Martial Artist
Level - 220, AI - 20

- We expect that if accepted to our guild, you would join with all your active toons. If however you do not wish to do so, pls state clearly which ones you'd like not to join with, and why.

If i ever make another active toon yes i'll have no problem joining but as i said Lutze is only one at the moment :)

- How long is it since you first started playing AO?
Im wicked Old school lol, around 2001 Lutze was created but i was on and off playing anarchy, never really got into it then i slowly started to enjoy the game

- Which guilds have you been in previously in AO?
Well my main guilds were Adrenaline Rush which merged into Infinity thats the only main guild i have had the rest were just like small guilds made nothing major, for example ambrosia which was real nice guild run by mastablasta if i remember correct just a small group of friends but disbanded unfortunatly mainly rest were guilds like that, Adrenaline Rush (Infinity) was my longtime home

- What made (/is making) you leave your old org?
Well, basicly i have enjoyed my time a lot at infinity and its been real hard for me to decide what to do, i really like spartans as i have been on a few raids with you guys now i know what to expect and i like it a lot, but i am also a very long member of Infinity, so its took me some time, and basicly the main reasons i am leaving is just due to lack of members who like to raid and like to team and go do things, most members within Infinity are more towards pvp which is not a bad thing at all, but its nice to be able to form raids and just go out and do things, which for me is a big aspect of anarchy which im missing at the moment, and i have seen with spartans team work is a big YES and thats what i love, so i think i'd fit in perfect :)

- How would you describe yourself as an AO citizen and a player? (eg. mostly afk or active? more pvm or pvp orientated? like or dislike zerg raids? How about org raids? Do you prefer solo/team playing? Like to lead or to follow? ...

Well first of all im ACTIVE no doubt about that if i got 5mins im online lol, im basicly 100% pvm i have been BSing a bit on spare time but its not something im the best at i must admit  :'( , i love all aspects of pvm on my MA i find it more fun than pvp but thats just me, I love any type of raid, If theirs a raid on im their basicly i prefer to do things with a team rather than solo, also i was a general in Infinity so i can lead if needed although i havent had to ina while i could get back into the swing of it in no time if needed, but Lead or Follow is all good to me :)

How do you see yourself fitting into our guild?

I think like i said i'll fit in perfect i love all the aspects of spartans it seems a real active *Go Get Um* org and im just up for it all, from what i have seen you guys seem to like raiding *Lutze loves :P* id always be their for what ever anything really, I just think id fit real nice within SPARTA! :)

What are your plans and goals for your future in Spartans, and AO as a whole?

My plans within Spartans are probally to make a load of new friends all over again, be helpfull, gain experience, my goals are to be active, gain experience in all aspects again, and get lutze to his best possible state to help the org to the maximum

- What time zone are you in?
GMT Standard

- What's your native language?


- Anything else you wanna add?

Think i have answerd all if theirs anything anyone needs to know feel free to contact me ingame :)

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