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January 20, 2018, 04:56:09 PM

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Author Topic: Story of our guild  (Read 2729 times)

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Story of our guild
« on: March 19, 2009, 08:40:59 AM »
About two years ago me and a group friends who had met through our journey in AO had 2 things in common: 1. We loved to raid. 2. Our orgs were dead. The only organised way to raid back then was in big raid bots, which we didn't really like. We wanted to experience the raids in AO like they were designed - not to be zerged with strangers, but conquered with friends.

So, we took the plunge and joined together, raiding Pande and Apfs with small numbers. The challenge was intense and the raiding was exhilerating :)

It wasn't long 'till other like-minded players wanted in and we soon found ourselves expanding. We pretty much expanded gradually until we had enough to raid what we wanted, when we wanted - or when we needed as the case may be!

We really worked on only taking in a certain amount of ppl at a time though, so that we could make friends with them so that our org would always stay a closely knit group of players, as was the original concept. This is a proceedure we still uphold. We believe friendship is of paramount importance in a guild.

Over the past year we've developed our guild I think in 2 significant ways.

On the one hand, due to our ambitions to conquer sector 42, we expanded our org some more and cooped with Czech Anarchy (another great clan guild!). To this day our regular 42 raids continue with success :) Since FC introduced the raid interface, thus changing the way DD wars worked, we also began to raid The Beast with our coop so that we could pwn those other omni coops :D Our raids together are amoung the highlights of our PvM activities and a great source of fun for us.

On the other hand we've also focused this past year on embracing pvp as a regular activity, like the other half of a coin, and to see it as a culmination of the work we put into getting our toons in shape. Through the staging of org pvp events and competitions we've managed to get practically everyone, even the so-called 'pvmers' interested in pvp. Most people in Spartans now have at least one 220 toon which is dedicated to PvP, and many of us have twinked alts also.

Clan has been in a slump for a long time now regarding tl7 NW. That is due a number of reasons, ranging from lack of clan leadership to unfair game mechanics.. but in spite of the odds, we hold clan's ultimate NW goal in our sights. We prepare and ready ourselves for battle. Just as with all other obstacles we've encountered, we will persist until Clan are victorious, because if its one thing all Spartans share, its an unbending will to succeed.



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