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Author Topic: Spartans and Persianz recruitment  (Read 2377 times)

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Spartans and Persianz recruitment
« on: September 06, 2014, 03:41:24 AM »
Whilst I've always been a great believer in the saying 'actions speak louder than words', and Spartans has always been first and foremost an org of ACTION, I nonetheless figured I ought to say something of our org here. So here it goes..

History of our guild

About seven years ago Dodo and a group friends who had met through journey in AO had 2 things in common: 1. They loved to raid. 2. Their orgs were dead. The only organised way to raid back then was in big raid bots, which they didn't really like. They wanted to experience the raids in AO like they were designed - not to be zerged with strangers, but conquered with friends.

So, they took the plunge and joined together, raiding Pande and Apfs with small numbers. The challenge was intense and the raiding was exhilerating...

We really worked on only taking in a certain amount of ppl at a time though, so that we could make friends with them so that our org would always stay a closely knit group of players, as was the original concept. This is a proceedure we still uphold. We believe friendship is of paramount importance in a guild.

What we offer

- 2 cities. A large 300 one for org raids, and a smaller 300 one for farm raids.

- Tower sites. We always maintain control of some tower sites at various lvls. Contracts can be changed easily upon request.

- Access to a vast collection of buffing phats which are all catalogued on our forums and availale upon request. These include sets of implants (incl. 300s) and various rare buffing items.

- Access to a vast collection of high lvl symbiants (looted from our TNH raids), spirits, and Xan symbiants (donated by members), all catalogued on our forums and available upon request.

- Lots of raids and a fair loot distribution system to go with it. We raid all sorts of things together, from HI to Pande and Sector 42. Anything you need to raid, we can raid it.

- Competent players to team with. As you will find out if you apply, all our applicants are screened thoroughly to make sure they know their professions and can play them well.

- Plenty of pvp opportunities. We always have guys dueling or sparring with one another. If its one thing that's not hard to find in Sparta, its a friendly fight! We have some of the best pvpers on Clan side with us and they are more than happy to share their knowledge with you.

- Drama free environment. Drama lvls in Sparta have always been low. On the rare occasion that drama does occur, its resolved quickly and competently with the help of our advisor core.

- Friends. Our guild is based on friendship. We help and trust one another.. and we hope all applicants are able to join in to that atmosphere.

- Fun. When we're not engrossed in raiding/fighting, we're usually talking funny garbage in GC.. we all understand this is a game, and we play it for fun

Expectations from applicants

- Have at least one toon of lvl 220/20+ (you 'may' apply if lower, but you will be judged by high endgame standards!).

- Be an experienced and active player, with the ability to handle your character well and the drive to perfect it in terms of both equipment and game play - preferably in both PvM and PvP!*

- Still enjoy AO, want to see it grow and are not going to meep to RK4 in the near future.

- Be a player that puts your guild first, helping others before yourself.

- If you are accepted you will be expected to join with ALL of your active alts.

           *Note* Alts are allowed to be kept in a farm org for farming city raids.

*Please note therefore before applying, that regardless of whether you are 'PvM' or 'PvP' inclined, you will be expected to participate in both. Also pls note that the defense of any NW sites which fall under Spartan jurisdiction, is mandatory.

Until further notice, Spartans recruitment, for all time zones, is OPEN again. 

If you have at least one 220/20 toon and are an experienced and active player (preferably in PvM and PvP) then Spartans might be for you!


Not 220 yet but think you have the Spartans spirit?  If you're a friendly and active paid player with a 150+ toon then you might be a good fit for our affiliate org, Persianz.


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